Having Fun Creating New Nail Art Designs Using Sharpie Pens And Gel

DIY Marble Nails With Sharpie Markers. Updated on August 31, 2017. Sharpie Nail Art Is Easy To Do. This DIY nail art tutorial will show you how to create marbled nails using sharpies. You can take the styles to the next level and use these instructions to create galaxy inspired nail art as well. This method is simpler to do than marbled. I’m all about easy nail art! So when I bought this gold metallic sharpie, labelling boxes wasn’t what I had in mind for it. It’s much easier to draw cute designs on your nails with a sharpie than paint with a teeny brush. Sharpie nail art is a new take on nail decoration. First we had nail stamping, then water marbling and now we have sharpies. Sharpies are pens that we can use to create fine nail art of any kind known as sharpie nail art. When decorating nails using sharpies, you do not need lots of nail polish. In this video I'll show you how to create a individual and modern water-colour look that any level of skill can do using Sharpies and rubbing alcohol. MORE SHARPIE NAIL ART HERE ----- https//www. Find and save ideas about Sharpie nail art on Pinterest. See more ideas about Nail art tricks, Easy DIY nails ideas and Quick DIY nails. Sharpie Nail Art for a Lazy and Clumsy Girl I don't often do nail arts and coquettishly things But when I do, I use my Sharpie. Sharpie Nail Art Ideas Tender Watercolor Flowers. Sharpie flower nail art is so cute and feminine that it is hard to resist. Apply a base coat. Apply a white base coat. Draw some red flower petal on the base with the red sharpie. Add some pink color around the petal.