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This short nail design is a classic French tip manicure with a “squoval” shape. The creamy pale pink base coat provides a nice contrast to the soft white tips. This cute easy nail design is wearable by anyone and goes great with everything from jeans to work wear. The French tips are also lined with white nail polish for accent. Another wonderful version of the classy bow inspired French tips. The nails are coated in clear nail polish as tipped with white polish, simple but cute bow accents are also added on top to complete the look as they are pinned in place by small silver beads. via cuded. This French tip nail design will take your breath away. Basically, each nail tells a story and we really like the black & white allure. Artistic nail designs are becoming increasingly more popular, and we must emphasize that it is a great way of conveying a powerful message too. Paint your nails in a classic French style, with pink at the bottom and stark white tips for a clean finish. Using a nail stamp or a nail art pen, draw a pretty white flower pattern on your index finger nails to finish the look off perfectly. via. Cute classic French manicure design for girls. Cool ombre French manicure design. Whether you want to paint white crescents on your nail tips or come up with a more creative design, you can use scotch tape for better results (especially if you’re not a pro at painting a straight line). Once you’ve painted the tips, use a nail polish remover pen for final touch-ups, if needed, or dip a Q-tip in nail polish remover. Find and save ideas about French tip nails on Pinterest. See more ideas about Nude Nails, French tip acrylic nails and French tips. Ever Wonder How French Tip Nails Started? French nails are an absolutely classic look, whether on long or short nails. The best thing about the white tip is that it is subtle, neutral, and goes with everything. No one is exactly sure on who invented it and where because several have claimed to found this seemingly timeless nail design. French Tip Nail Designs for Short Nails. French nail designs are numerous and it may be difficult to choose just one design. That is when the creative imagination of your artist comes in and the matte nude-shaded masterpiece with the addition of a black laced pattern is created. Find and save ideas about White tip nails on Pinterest. See more ideas about French tip acrylic nails, Prom nails and Nude Nails. The famous French nail design earned its reputation among women for its stand-out white tip over your finger. I always think the French manicure would look best for clear nails. You can add some glittering silver dust, beads, jewels or decorative bows over your fingernails to compliment the white color.