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10 Easy Nail Art Designs for Beginners The Ultimate Guide #4! – YouTube Cool Nail Polish Ideas s While polka dots could really be a cute design for the fingernails, creating a girlish effect within the nails, glitter could make everybody look great, especially when you create a French tip or play with something serious, just like a burst effect stemming from one corner of the nail. Easy Nail Art Designs Ideas. To do this, first paint your nail with bright-colored nail paint completely. Then paint the other diagonal half of the nail with other bright color. You can also try painting your nails with a base coat of black, and paint moon, stars, and planet shapes on it for a cool night theme. V-Shaped. For an easy nail design that looks like a lot of work, you can opt for V-shaped designs. Paint your nails with a bright color maybe red and paint the ends of the nails in such a way that your base colors appear in the shape of a V. Play with the colors of choice. A comfortable design for the beginners to do at home. Learn how to paint striped nails with this cool nail art tutorial that is easy enough for beginners. Save yourself some time and money by skipping the nail salon. Use tape and a few easy tips and tricks to get perfect looking nails at home. Use a gold sharpie to make all kinds of easy designs. And the best part is, if you mess up, you can just wipe it off with rubbing alcohol without hurting the base coat--including Gel. Half Moon Nail Art Designs This is an easy Nail Design for Beginners at Home.You will need two nail colors and a French manicure sticker or page reinforce sticker. First apply the base coat and let it dry. Below are a few simple and Easy nail art designs at home for beginners without tools you can attempt on your own. Also as summer season has arrived you will also get some Cool Nail Art Designs for summer. In case you are a beginner commence with the Easy nail art designs for beginners. See Also Nexgen Nail Designs. Want more nail art for beginners? Check out the official playlist! http// -My BEAUTY BLOG h. Cool Nail Art Designs For Beginners A cool nail art never fails in grabbing attention. But you don’t always have the time for a salon visit. Well, nothing to worry about. Here we are going to reveal some cool nail art designs for beginners. Just so you can get an added dose of glamour to your nails at home. 30 Cool Nail Art Ideas for 2018 – Easy Nail Designs for Beginners Glittery Nail Design Idea. Babyblue Nail Design Idea. Aztec Nail Design Idea. Best Nail Design Idea. Cool Nail Design Idea. Coral Nail Design Idea. Animal Print Nail Design Idea. Floral Nail Design Idea. Geometric Nail Design.