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Our favorite nail designs, tips and inspiration for women of every age. A huge gallery of DIY Halloween Luminaries and light ideas to get you inspired. Everything from tin cans to milk jug lights. With a little bit of creativity you can make your own unique Halloween lights. Ritual connections between food and the dead are ancient and cross many cultures. These began as pagan rituals and were later incorporated into the Catholic religion [All Hallows Eve/All Souls Day/All Saints Day].Recipes and rituals evolved according to local culture and cuisine. A must for any Halloween party or Fear Factor Party is to have a spread of scary, gross foods to tantalize your guests’ taste buds and to give them a bit of a thrill. Here are a collection of 20 great Halloween recipes we collected from all over the web. Just dim the lights low, add some scary music and enjoy. Achieve a perfect manicure or pedicure without the expensive nail salon prices. Keep your nails healthy and strong with our selection of $1 nail tools and kits designed to groom your nails and feet and keep you looking your best for less. What's the must have on your Halloween party menu? Finger foods! Not any finger food. You need finger looking food. The Most Epic Celebrity Halloween Costume Ideas. A look back at some of the best celeb costumes over the years. A few of the best visual pun Halloween costumes. Dunkin'—the coffee chain formerly known as Dunkin' Donuts—is getting into the beauty business. For a limited time, nail polish inspired by. Once upon a time it was not uncommon for women to have lovely longer length nails. Fast forward to today where there are a lot more women in the work force and longer nails are not necessarily always practical. Only got an hour until your Halloween party? Don't worry, you can still achieve an awesome costume with these cute and easy last-minute DIY ideas.